The Sonnet Man Blog 14 – Article 1 – Rourke Art Museum

The Sonnet Man is travelling to Fargo, North Dakota for an a live performance and talk at the Rourke Art Museum on Friday, September 11 at 7pm! The 45-minute to 1-hour long performance will be followed by a 30-minute to 45-minute discussion and question and answer session with the Sonnet Man. The event is free to attend and everyone is invited!

The Sonnet Man’s performance will be the first in a series of similar events hosted by the Museum. Throughout the series, they will be showcasing different elements of Hip-Hop to the communities of Moorehead and Fargo, ND. The Sonnet Man will be a part of the rapper/m-c showcase. The Sonnet Man’s set will include sonnets and personal songs, interweaving his story before each song and sharing the significance his verses.

While in Fargo, The Sonnet Man will also be available for additional performances, appearances, workshops, residences, and school assemblies. The Sonnet Man will also be travelling near Bozeman, MT, Moorhead, MN, and South Dakota for the remainder of September and Early October. Now’s your chance to see him in person! For booking, email: or visit

The Sonnet Man Blog 14 – Article 2 – Sonnet 18 Video

There’s no way anyone can get through high school without learning William Shakespeare. One of the most famous of his sonnets and the most famously taught in schools, is Sonnet 18. It’s written in his typical form with 14 lines of iambic pentameter ending in a rhyming couplet, making it a great teaching mechanism within a literature and creative writing curriculum. But what about making it applicable, and enjoyable, to the mainstream? Watch Sonnet 18 on YouTube. The Sonnet Man raps the original verses of Sonnet 18, and then spits them again, but with his own definition. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” gets a fresh, modern flair and the original sonnet speaks on a whole new level. The Sonnet Man’s new spin on Sonnet 18 is the perfect summer jam.

When you hear “Come and be my sunny day,” you’ll want to see The Sonnet Man in person. The Sonnet Man is now scheduling performances, appearances, workshops, residences, and school assemblies. For booking, email: or visit